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Laurie Esposito Harley

Laurie Esposito Harley wanted to be a marine biologist when she was young. Her senior year in high school, she had to either prepare a presentation for the class or write a short story. Being rather shy, she chose the short story, especially since she had been working on one from her "secret" spot on the garage roof overlooking the garden. Her teacher, Mrs. Hoover, really liked her story and Laurie eventually turned it into a short novel, called The Monarch Butterfly. Laurie wrote a novel-length story entitled Pink - I'm Pregnant. She's written hundreds of poems and has been published in The Warren Tribune, Georgia Magazine, The Review Newspaper, and Senior News.

Laurie is the CEO of Aardvark Writing and Aardvark Publishers. She started the writing and design service in 1998 and has written for organizations such as CitiGroup, IBM, and Monster. She currently freelances, writing for numerous online sources.

Laurie is married to James, who is her sounding board and the one person who can make her laugh so hard that milk comes out her nose. She has three beautiful children. Annie, 10, is a singer, songwriter, and artist. You may have heard of her. Allison, 7, is still growing into most of her talents, which include art; however, her sense of humor is full-grown. She's been called "the funniest girl I know" by her 5-year-old cousin. Tyler, 3, is a little learning machine. He's all boy with his love of cars, sports, and worms. He also loves playing Barbies and having his toenails painted.