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Alice Kate & the Bully

Being Hospitable to New Neighbors

Have you ever moved to a new neighborhood? It can be a scary experience. If you’ve never been the new kid, imagine being in a different house, going to a new church or a new school. You would have to leave behind all your friends. Imagine seeing groups of kids talking and laughing. You’d probably be lonely. You might be sad.

You can make newcomers feel welcome. Sometimes it only takes a smile or a kind word to make the new kid in town feel right at home. But it’s always nice to do something extra special for someone who has recently moved into your neighborhood.


Bake cookies
Recipe from Mama Steph!
Make a welcome card Instructions for a cute one!
Bring flowers Maybe your Mom or Dad will let you pick some from your yard. Ask first. (I said, "Ask FIRST!)
Draw a picture Everyone loves a pretty drawing.
Invite to play Ask if they’d like to join in a game of hide-and-go-seek or tag. Make sure that everyone that’s playing that game is introduced.




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