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Anna Kate Harley is a talented artist. She has sold her artwork through her website, Annie enjoys singing, songwriting, and wants to learn to play the guitar. She is a huge fan of Taylor Swift and hopes to meet her one day.

Annie has two best friends, Casey and Lexi, and some virtual friends, too, including Goldfinch, Chloe2013, Whit1074, Whit0364, BTRfan5, 2000girl10, Songer44, and Meloa.

She is a talented videographer and with her siblings has created a popular kid's webshow called Imagine That! She takes exceptional photographs and is experienced in editing both still photos and videos.

Annie experienced a scary medical situation in May 2009 that landed her in Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, where she underwent emergency brain surgery. She stayed at the hospital for several weeks before returning home.