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Alice Kate & the Bully cover

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Alice Kate & the Bully

By Laurie Esposito Harley
Illustrated by Anna Kate Harley

The new kid in the neighborhood turns out to be an in-your-face bully and he has it out for Alice Kate Tyson from the first day she lays eyes on him.

Alice Kate is a typical twelve-year-old. Her little sister can get on her nerves. She has two friends who understand her. There are school subjects that she likes and those she hates. But there is one thing that sets Alice Kate apart from others.

Will this difference help her handle the bully's attacks?

Read about The Fourever Club in the News:

The New Castle News

This book was written by the mother of the 9-year-old illustrator while she recovered in the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, following her frightening aneurysm and miraculous brain surgery.

Curriculum that corresponds to the book will be added soon!




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